NW Pomeranian Showcase

This is an agreement for the purchase of a puppy or adult Pomeranian. NW Pomeranian Showcase (NWPS) guarantees all hereditary medical problems which could result in the loss of life in your puppy. Other Health issues must be made clear to NWPS within 72 hours. If a veterinarian is required, NW Pomeranian Showcase is not responsible with out prior contact or if the puppy has been in contact with other animals or walked in public places. Please notify NWPS before taking your new puppy to the vet. We do not guarantee against Cocidiosis or other illness that can be brought on by stress, or by being exposed to areas where other dogs frequent. If anything should happen to your puppy in the first 72 hours, you may return the puppy to NWPS for an exchange of another puppy of equal value. (NWPS reserves the right to have this puppy checked out by their own vet, and requires a veterinarianís statement showing reasonable cause as to why this puppy is being returned. We do want you to be happy with your new puppy and do everything possible to ensure the health of your puppy. If for any reason you are unable to keep your new puppy, please inform NWPS of any transfer of ownership for our records. NWPS will help you place your puppy in a good home if you need or want the help, regardless of age. By signing this contract you agree to the conditions above and further Promise to never put you dog in a shelter, as it always has a home with us. (For internet sales please respond to the agreement via email. The 72 hours starts when you receive your Pomeranian.)



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