NW Pomeranian Showcase


We offer shipping as a service to anyplace where shipping is available.

Shipping temperatures must be between 20 and 85 degrees F in order for a puppy to be shipped.  On occasion it can take a break in the weather for a puppy to be shipped.


We take shipping very seriously and do everything we can to make sure the puppy arrives safely.  Shipping insurance is available at an additional cost. 


Airlines are chosen based on the area and size of the puppy.  (Adult prices are based on weight)


West Coast: Alaska Airlines 

The actual shipping cost is usually $89


Inside the United States:

Continental Airlines ship to most places inside the US in most cases $99

Delta ships inside the US for about $169 (Frequently used for adults)

NW Airlines Ship inside the US for $130 (To most destinations)


Other shipping requirements

Health Certificates:  $29.00 (per puppy)

Crates:  $17.00 to $20.00 depending on size and airline.



Puppies may be micro-chipped for $35.00 extra (please request in advance)


In cases where weather is too warm or too cold, NWPS will hold the puppy until shipping is safe.

There are no refunds on puppies due to shipping.